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When the coffee shop manager is murdered in Middlebury’s Amish Artisan Village, two women from different walks of life must join together to solve the mystery.

Spring has arrived in Middlebury, Indiana, and Amber Wright is optimistic about the growing profit from her collection of Amish shops—until she receives a call that Ethan Gray is dead. Hurrying over to A Simple Blend, she finds a solitary hole in the front window and the store manager lying next to the espresso machine, dead from an apparent heart attack. All the money is still in his register.

When Amber hires a young Amish woman, Hannah Troyer, to take over the shop’s duties, the two women become fast friends—as well as amateur sleuths. The police believe Gray’s death is a by-product of vandalism, but Amber and Hannah aren’t convinced.

Clues that don’t add up, a neighbor who is pulled into the midst of the investigation, a town with secrets to hide, and a blossoming romance—all will combine to push Amber and Hannah into unfamiliar roles in order to reveal answers to the mysteries around them.

About the Author

I’m very excited to have Vannetta Chapman here at FCB and a chance to get to know here a little better.

FCB: When you reach heaven, other than Jesus, what Biblical character are you most looking forward to meeting and why?

Vannetta: I would have to say Job. I like Job. I like that he asks God and that he listens when God replies. Definitely I’d look forward to a long walk with this godly man.

FCB: What would be the first question you would like to ask him/her?

Vannetta:  I suppose I’d ask if he had any regrets.

FCB: When you were a little girl what did you want to be when you grew up?

Vannetta: I had all sorts of ideas–a doctor, a nurse, an airplane pilot. I never dreamed of being a teacher (which I did professionally for 15 years) or a writer (which I’ve now done for 15 years). Isn’t life interesting how it turns out?

FCB: It’s cool how God works things out in our lives!

FCB: What author dead or alive has been most influential in your life?

Vannetta: Jeanette Oake had a huge influence on me. Her books were very interesting and at the same time they offered hope and a good dose of God’s grace.

FCB: Not sure I should admit, I’ve not read anything by Jeanette Oake…

FCB: We see a lot of advice out there for writers, but what advice would you give someone like me, who enjoys reading and writing reviews on a book? What makes a good review?

Vannetta: I think a good review includes the EMOTIONS you felt while reading a story. Everyone can find a summary on a book vendor site, but readers want to know how a book affected you – did it make you laugh or cry or want to throw it against a wall? Our emotions are what help us to connect with a story. I very much appreciate reviewers who take the time to post reviews and blogs. It makes a huge difference to writers.

FCB: Agreed!  Thank you Vannetta.

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My Review

This is my second book by this author and although I enjoyed the first one, I loved this one! I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and the story. I like how the two primary female characters were so different yet begin forging a friendship. Hannah as the young Amish girl who is suddenly put in charge of the coffee shop and Amber the Englischer, and the manager of the Middlebury’s Amish Artisan Village. And although they have such diverse backgrounds they find themselves with a common goal, solve a murder.

The story opened quickly with the death of the manager of the coffee shop. Although, ruled natural causes by the police, Hannah and Amber have serious doubts, especially as other strange things begin happening around the Village. The author kept the story moving throughout leaving only very subtle hints to help solve the mystery.

The romance aspect was also well done and fun to watch develop for both Amber and Hannah. I would definitely like to see more from Middlebury, but will definitely enjoy reading more from this author.

Disclaimer: I would like to the publisher for the opportunity to read and review this book. I was under no obligation other than to give my honest opinion.

The Give Away

Vannetta has been gracious enough to offer a copy of her new book to one lucky winner. If we get more than 100 entries I’ll throw in a $10 Amazon card to a second winner.

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18 Replies to “Murder Simply Brewed – Vannetta Chapman”

  1. Somehow I have 3 books going at the moment:
    Orchards of Hope by Ann Gabhart
    No Safe Harbor by Elizabeth Ludwig
    Dangerous Pursuit by Margaret Daley

  2. Hello. I’m a big fan of Vannetta. I finally got to meet her in person. She is a sweet, very special lady. Felt like I had know her for a long time offline as well as online. Also got to meet some of her family. Hope she will come lose enough for me to visit her again. She is also a great author. She knows how to tell a story and pull you in so you feel like you are right there. I have some of her books but would love to have more. Thanks for a chance to win this one. It has to be good since she wrote it. GOD bless and thanks again for having her visit. Maxie mac262(at)me(dot)com

  3. Sorry I forgot to answer your question. I’m not into a book righht now, but reading “Special Delivery” by Kathi Macias next. A book about Human trafficking for sexual slaves. I have read the first “Deliver me From Evil”. A very touching book since we have so much of that in our own country. She talks about groups that are trying to rescue some of these victims. I recommend it highly. Maxie

  4. I’m reading “The Scent of Lilacs” by Ann H. Gabhart. I just started so I don’t have too much to say yet. Prior to that I read “Poison Town” by Creston Mapes.

  5. I just finished reading, “The Shepherd’s Song”; One piece of paper, twelve lives changed forever, by Betsy Duffey and Laurie Meyers.
    A must read, I could not put the book down and didn’t until I finished it.

  6. I always keep two books going, a Christian non-fiction and a novel. Right now I’m reading BELIEVING GOD by Beth Moore and THE WIDOW OF LARSPUR INN by Lawana Blackwell. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy or your book.

  7. I am currently reading The Cakes of Wrath by Jacklyn Brady for my Mystery Book Club. It is a cozy and much enjoyable from the last book I just finished by Jo Nesbo…That was at the other end of the pole from a cozy. So I do like to mix up the genre’s time after time. And I do read all kinds of stories; not just mysteries.

  8. I’m reading the latest David & Diane Munson book, The Stolen Legacy. I’ve enjoyed all of their books so far. I especially enjoy mysteries, and this book sounds like a great read. Thank you.

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