Final Friday Wrap-Up February 2017

Welcome to my new feature Final Friday Wrap Up where I take a look back at the books I’ve read.  I had planned to start this in January but honestly, I just forgot.


What I’ve Read…

The first book I finished in February was Candace Calvert’s newest book Maybe It’s YouThis is book three of the Crisis Team series and in my opinion the best one. I like series where you get to know the characters. Sloane appeared in the first two books. Book two ends with her being run off the road and an innocent co-worker seriously injured. That was a major turning point for Sloane who leaves San Diego and heads to Los Angeles. As I mentioned in my review the author does a great job of telling Sloane’s story. She went from being the most hated character in the series to the one you love. It will be interesting if Candace writes any more to this series or if she will move on to a new hospital and new problems.  Looking forward to seeing what’s next from this author.

The same day I finished Maybe It’s You I also finished Murder on the Moor by Julianna Deering. This is only the second book in the series I’ve read, but I really enjoy them.  By the time I started reading the series Drew and Madeline were already married. I hope to some day go back and read some of the earlier stories.

The one thing about this story, in particular, is the pace. It moves much slower than the suspense novels I’m use to. I’m a huge fan of Branilyn Collins and Terri Blackstock, two queens of suspense! Their stories can be so intense! The Drew Farthering are much more laid back. In reading them I find myself getting to know the characters better. I appreciate the chemistry between Drew and Madeline. I enjoyed the story it just took longer to read.

As I mentioned I’m a huge Terri Blackstock fan! She is extremely gifted at telling stories that suck you in and you find yourself staying up all night because you have to know how the story ends. She has a new release coming out March 21st (my birthday). I was able to review it for Thomas Nelson and must say it ROCKS!!  If I’m Found is book 2 of the “If I Run” series and picks up shortly after the end of book one, If I RunCasey is still running from the crooked cops her killed her father and her best friend.  She is also trying to figure out if she can trust Dylan, who was hired to find her. This book is energy packed from opening to the last page. Which in typical Blackstock fashion leaves you hanging on what will happen next.  And based on the release of the first two books we’ll have until April 2018 to find out what happens next. AAAAAAAHHHHHH

What I’m Reading

I’m finally reading the Sins of the Past collection by  Dee Henderson, Dani Pettrey, and Lynette Eason. I’ve actually finished the first two and they are both really GOOD. Dee Henderson’s Missing reminds me of her earlier stories. Well written, fast paced with solid characters. Dani Pettrey’s prequel to her Alaskan Courage series, Shadowed, is intense. I read the entire Alaskan Courage series and loved it. So being able to read Ben and Libby’s story was extremely sweet. As I read the end, I got a little weepy, but a good weepy.  The third book in this collaboration, is Lynette Eason’s, Blackout, is the one I just started. I’ve been so impressed with Lynette’s recent stuff. The Elite Guardians series has just rocked. I’m only a few pages into Blackout and she already has my attention.

I’m also reading, Cara Putman’s book, Beyond Justice.  It is scheduled to release in early April. It’s a good book, but it hasn’t sucked me in. This is the first book I’ve read by Putman and I like it. Hasn’t rocked me yet.

March Releases To Watch For

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March 28

Review: Maybe It’s You by Candace Calvert

About this Book

ER nurse Sloane Ferrell escaped her risky past―new name, zip code, job, and a fresh start. She’s finally safe, if she avoids a paper trail and doesn’t let people get too close. Like the hospital’s too-smooth marketing man with his relentless campaign to plaster one “lucky” employee’s face on freeway billboards.

Micah Prescott’s goal is to improve the Hope hospital image, but his role as a volunteer crisis responder is closer to his heart. The selfless work helps fill a void in his life left by family tragedy. So does a tentative new relationship with the compassionate, beautiful, and elusive Sloane Ferrell.

Then a string of brutal crimes makes headlines, summons responders . . . and exposes disturbing details of Sloane’s past.

Can hope spring from crisis?

About the Author

Often called the author of “medical hope opera,” Candace Calvert is an ER nurse who landed on the other side of the stethoscope after the equestrian accident that broke her neck and convinced her love, laughter–and faith–are the very best medicines of all.

Her popular medical drama series (Mercy Hospital, Grace Medical and Crisis Team) offer readers a chance to “scrub in” on the exciting world of emergency medicine, along with charismatic characters, pulse-pounding action, tender romance, humor, suspense–and an encouraging prescription for hope. Think “Grey’s Anatomy finds its soul”!

A native northern Californian, mother of two and proud grandmother to eight, Candace is a passionate “foodie,” equally at home with a whisk in her hand as she is penning stories. Folks who follow her on Twitter and Facebook will find photo-embellished recipes,funny insights into the writing life, snippets of upcoming work, and a chance at book giveaways. Please visit her website at: (Source: Amazon Author Page)

My Review

I considered the first two books in this series really good. But this book, was GREAT! We met Sloane in book one and it was very easy to dislike her. Actually I pretty much hated her. But by the end of book two I was hoping that the author would give us Sloane’s story. She did and it is amazing.

Watching the transformation of Sloane was special. In this book we got to see why she was the way she was. The author did a great job of leading me to the point of feeling sorry for Sloane and what she went through. Once again Calvert gives us a great leading man in Micah. I think most everyone would identify with one or both of these characters.

The story itself was also very good. I felt like it was more intense than the previous books of this series.  There was action as well as touching moments between Sloane and the other characters. I cheered for her when she put the one nurse in his place for his treatment of the homeless man.

Definitely a 4 star book!

I would recommend it to any Candace Calvert fan. If you’ve never read Calvert but like Richard Mabry or Harry Kraus you’ll like this book. If you like a good suspense novel this is a good choice.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher, via, but I was not required to leave a review.  The opinions expressed here are strictly my own.

New Book Watch: Reign of Error (The Worst Detective Ever) by Christy Barritt

Sometimes in life, you just want to yell “Take two!”

When a Polar Plunge goes terribly wrong and someone dies in the icy water, former TV detective Joey Darling wants nothing to do with subsequent investigation. But when her picture is found in the dead man’s wallet and witnesses place her as the last person seen with the man, she realizes she’s been cast in a role she never wanted: suspect.

Joey makes the dramatic mistake of challenging the killer on camera, and now it’s a race to find the bad guy before he finds her. Danger abounds and suspects are harder to find than the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island. But when Joey finds a connection with this case and the disappearance of her father, she knows there’s no backing out.

As hard as Joey tries to be like her super detective alter ego, the more things go wrong. Will Joey figure this one out? Or will her reign of error continue?


Product Details

  • File Size: 1086 KB
  • Print Length: 187 pages
  • Publisher: River Heights (February 28, 2017)
  • Publication Date: February 28, 2017

And in case you missed it (Like I did) Book 1 came out January 5, 2017… and as of today is $2.99 I just finished it and Joey is AWESOME!!